The advantage of online courses is that they can exercise our ability of independent learning. What students lack most now is the curiosity to learn actively, a typical “slave-like learning”. Students will only learn if they are asked to, or if a task is given to them. In the physical class, the teacher will urge the students to speak actively and use their brains by means of roll call, sign in, class practice and so on. Online learning, on the other hand, is to cultivate our learning habit of seeking knowledge, constantly develop our potential, and train our ability to overcome external environmental factors. In my opinion, learning can only be more motivated if one’s desire to learn becomes strong. Make learning an interest, not a burden.

Online classes can improve our study efficiency. With the development of science and technology, it is more convenient for us to study webcast and replay of recorded classes. In addition, if there is any doubt, I can watch the replay, think independently and solve the problem, and verify whether I really did not understand the knowledge point or whether I simply did not listen carefully to the details, which led to the problem, which also relieved the teacher of a lot of burden. What’s more, students can speed up their learning progress by playing the video at twice the speed, which greatly improves their learning efficiency. While speaking at a higher speed, it also exercises our brain’s memory and ability to capture key knowledge.

With the rapid development of technology, we have to accept the changes of The Times. It is hard for us to guarantee that the future campus life will always be classrooms, teachers and students. We cannot predict the future direction, but one thing is certain that our future will be technological, digital and networked. Therefore, we need to accept this way of teaching. After all, in addition to the epidemic factor, there will be many situations that make teachers and students unable to appear at the same time. For example, teachers go on business trips and students are absent from class. In the future, teachers’ lessons will be recorded so that students will not miss a lesson.

In my opinion, Kenry’s ideal learning environment is an open learning environment, and he is more suitable for the open learning environment. Open learning refers to the planned learning that faces all kinds of objects in the society and is not subject to the restrictions of various entrance conditions of traditional educational institutions. His main characteristics such as: teaching is not in the classroom on campus, students in working and living place in situ study at any time, without being limited by the geographical space, tuition costs low, on remote will not increase a lot of cost, use a variety of media technology organization teaching, various classes students at home self-study materials is the foundation of the whole teaching. Due to different national conditions, different countries have different characteristics of open learning.